How to use Milkshake

How to use Milkshake

Spray tan solutions are not a one size fits all approach. Just as skin tones vary, so do undertones, and for clients with yellow or olive undertones, the choice of bronzer solution becomes very important. That is why Nuda offers Milkshake – a violet bronzer solution that has become a game-changer for spray tan artists seeking to enhance the radiance of clients with warm undertones.

Yellow and olive undertones can present unique challenges when it comes to spray tanning. Traditional bronzer solutions may not always complement these undertones effectively, resulting in a more brazzy hue. 

Violet bronzer solutions, like Milkshake from Nuda, have emerged as a savior for spray tan artists working with clients who have yellow or olive undertones. The science behind this lies in colour theory – MILKSHAKE has a violet bronzer that compliments olive/yellow/warm undertones that will counteract with the violet to create a “deeper brown” tan while developing. On the wheel,  yellow and olive are directly across from the violet as that is its complementary colour.

It is important to remember that bronzer is just a cosmetic colour that we can see as we spray tan a client and act as a colour guide, also providing instant gratification with a beautiful tan until the DHA develops. DHA is clear and is the only component that actually physically tans.

The colour of the bronzer will not determine the final outcome of the tan but can stain the skin for 1-3 days, making the skin appear to have a different initial tan until the bronzer is fully off the skin. Warn you client that when they rinse the water might appear purple, but not to worry they will not turn purple!

So if you are nervous about trying a different colour bronzer, don’t worry as this wont determine the end result. 

The most important thing when using Milkshake it to not to use it on a fair client that has red undertones, as the solution will appear more “pink” on their skin, and the client may not be satisfied with the initial result. 

It is recommended to use Milkshake on a type 3 or higher that has a yellow or olive undertone. As the violet bronzer will turn into more of a cooler brown hue on them, resulting in the most natural looking tan for their complexion. 

If you have trouble determining if your client has a warmer undertone, they usually look best in gold jewlery, have green or olive veins, and normally tans well, hardly burns! 

Professional tips on how to incorporate Milkshake 

If you have a client that has a lighter skin tone, like type 1 or 2 but has more of a yellow undertone, and you think they will benefit from a violet bronzer you can do a little customization! 

You can mix Milkshake and Cappucino which will tone down the intensity of the violet, making it more of a subtle violet brown, but enough that the violet works its magic! 

If you have a client that prefers to do a classic tan, but would also benefit from a violet bronzer, don’t be afraid to experiment a little! You can do a splash of the milkshake in their solution and change their rise time, making it 8 hours instead of 12! 

With being a spray tan artist, understanding and addressing different undertones is essential for providing a flawless and customized experience. Adding Milkshake to your line up will set you a part and establish you as a customizable spray tan artist! 


 This blog post was written by our master spray tan artist and trainer Natasha Lawless. Natasha has been in the industry for over 5 years and is sharing her personal experience with the issue of overspray and her opinions of the wave extraction fan after using it for 3 years. 

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