Introducing the New Spray Tan Era - Meet Caramel

Introducing the New Spray Tan Era - Meet Caramel

In a day where clients are much more careful about what they are putting on their skin, less is truly more. That is why we wanted to create a solution that was geared toward those who prefer a cleaner approach to beauty, we are in the clean girl era and we wanted our spray tans to reflect that!

Introducing the cleanest rapid spray tan solution on the market, where beauty meets purity in every drop. Our innovative formula, enriched with the natural allure of caramel and the power of hyaluronic acid, is about to revolutionize your spray tanning experience. Designed with love for your skin and a commitment to providing a truly natural, sensitive-skin-friendly solution.

This is going to change the spray tan game!

Made with skin-loving ingredients, our formula ensures a spray tanning experience like no other – no artificial preservatives, fragrances, cosmetic dyes, or alcohol. With Caramel, it's more than just a spray tan; it's a step into a new level of luxury and self-care, delivering an amazing, naturally-inspired glow. Your clients are going to love this!

So, what makes Caramel stand out? It's made with ALL NATURAL bronzers and scent, directly derived from caramel. It feels and smells delicious, providing a safe and natural alternative that pampers your skin. Plus, the light instant bronzer gives you a rich, golden hue that complements every skin tone, leaving you with a beautiful glow that conceals imperfections.

What's more, Caramel is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a natural substance already present in your skin. This addition transforms your tanning experience, offering not just a beautiful tan but also remarkable skincare benefits. Your skin will feel hydrated, plump, and smooth, making it perfect for colder months or drier climates.

But wait, there's more care packed into every drop! Caramel is also made with skin-loving ingredients like elderflower extract and wild cherry extract. Elderflower provides soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for sensitive or easily irritated skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. Wild Cherry Extract is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, fighting signs of aging for a more youthful complexion and ensuring a luminous, long-lasting tan.

So who is Caramel for? Caramel was designed for those with the most sensitive skin – whether your clients have eczema, severely dry, or acne-prone skin, they’ll love this solution. With its extremely hydrating and all-natural ingredients, no dyes, fragrances, or alcohol will irritate or disrupt your skin. It is perfect for those who want the purest solution, and not for those looking for the darkest instant tan.

This is more than just a tan; it's a holistic skincare experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and science working in perfect harmony.

Welcome to a new era of sunless tanning that pampers your skin while enhancing your radiance.

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This blog post was written by our master spray tan artist and trainer Natasha Lawless. Natasha has been in the industry for over 5 years and is sharing her personal experience with the issue of overspray and her opinions of the wave extraction fan after using it for 3 years. 

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