Top Tips to Give to Clients For A Perfect Spray Tan

Les meilleurs trucs de préparation pour un spray tan réussi
As a spray tan artist, you know the drill: Clients tend to be so stressed about their first spray tan appointment and ask so many questions! Here are the top tips to give to your clients on how to prepare their skin before their appointment and what to do after their appointment! 

By giving these tips to your customers, you will not only increase their satisfaction with their tan but also diminish their stress level! 


  • Take a shower at least 3 hours before the appointment.
  • Shave, wax and exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. It’s important to allow the amino acids to reconstruct as DHA needs amino acids to develop. Also, the pores need time to close before the application otherwise it may leave dark spots.
  • Do not use lotion, gel, wax, shaving cream or other oil-based products as they could leave residues on the skin and prevent the solution from developing correctly.
  • Do not wear makeup, cream, sunscreen, perfume or deodorant the day of the appointment.
  • Moisturize the skin days prior the session (not the day of the appointment).
  • We recommend you to wear loose and dark coloured clothing when leaving your appointment.


  • Avoid activities that provoke sweating or any contact with liquid during the development period. If it's raining or snowing outside, wear long and covering clothes.
  • Do not apply cream or makeup on the skin during the development period.
  • If you will be sleeping with solutions on; go to bed wearing long clothes.
  • Wait 8 to 12 hours or 1 to 5 hours before showering, depending on the solution. Refer to your artist for the adapted delay.
  • Rinse the whole body and face thoroughly. Rinse until the water is clear. For the first shower, we recommend not using soap.
  • Use a body wash free of sulfate, parabens and alcohol. The NUDA Body Wash is recommended for a long-lasting result. 
  • Moisturize the skin daily with an appropriate lotion. Use the NUDA Body Cream for best results.
  • Excessive sweating, jacuzzis or saunas, taking long hot baths or showers often can cause faster fading.
  • Do not wax areas where solution has been applied for the duration of the result. A delicate shaving may be done occasionally.
  • Use gentle facial cleansers, no oil-based or exfoliating products.
  • Avoid lotion, soap and body wash containing mineral oils, petroleum and alcohol. These ingredients can affect the result and cause a faster fading.
  • Do not exfoliate the skin for the duration of the result. When the tan starts to fade, exfoliate the skin again in order to remove the old tan residues.

By following this step-by-step guide, your clients will be ready for their spray tan and will love the result!

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