Mastering the Art of NUDA's Finishing Powder

Nuda's Finishing Powder

Step into the world of flawless tanning artistry with NUDA's Finishing Powder – the secret ingredient to achieving a seamless, radiant tan. Packed with premium ingredients like kaolin clay, jojoba esters, rosemary extract, green tea extract, and vitamins, this lightweight and shimmery powder is a must-have for any tanning professional. In this blog post, we will explore why NUDA Finishing Powder stands out, how to use it effectively, and pro tips to ensure a perfect finish for your clients.


Why NUDA Finishing Powder?

Instant Drying Power:

  • Say goodbye to the uncomfortable stickiness that often accompanies freshly sprayed tans. NUDA Finishing Powder instantly dries the spray tan, leaving your clients feeling comfortable and ready to change in minutes!

Stain Prevention:

  • No more worrying about tan marks on clothes or sheets. This magical powder creates a barrier that prevents unwanted marks on the skin and ensures that your client's tan stays where it belongs – on their beautifully bronzed skin.

Enriched Formula for a Radiant Finish:

  • NUDA Finishing Powder goes beyond setting the tan – it enhances the overall experience. The formula, enriched with carefully selected ingredients, helps eliminate any lingering odours while adding a subtle, beautiful shimmer to the skin. Your clients will not only look fabulous but also feel less sticky!


Nuda's finishing powder


How to Use NUDA Finishing Powder:

Dry Your Client:

  • After the spray tan session, use the air from your hose to thoroughly dry your client.

Prepare the Powder:

Choose the Right Brush:

  • Opt for a clean and dry NUDA Fan Brush to ensure a smooth application.

Application Technique:

  • Tap off any excess powder before gently applying it to the skin. Ensure full coverage, paying extra attention to specific areas like the inside of elbows, neck, underneath the breast, and behind the knees.


Pro Tips for using a powder:

Air-Brush Technique:

  • Another way to apply the powder, is by gathering powder on the fan brush, hold it close to your client's body and use the air blowing out of the hose to blow the powder onto the client., This technique guarantees that the brush never touches the skin, ensuring less cleanup and sanitizing! 

Apply as you go:

  • Immediately after spraying the sides, dry the underarms, and swiftly apply the powder to prevent unwanted darkening due to skin-on-skin contact. Do the same if a client has to lift their breast, and under them is sprayed. Quickly dry and powder so there is less room for smudging!

Spray and Dry Technique for Skin Folds:

  • For clients prone to creasing in skin folds, use a spray and dry technique. Tan the area while stretched, dry with the hose, and apply powder before changing positions.

Dry Before Powder Application:

  • Always dry the skin before applying powder to avoid a "muddy" appearance. Wet skin may compromise the powder's flawless finish.

Hygienic Application:

  • If applying the brush directly to the client's skin, remember to sanitize the brush between clients for a hygienic application. If you opt for the above-mentioned technique of blowing the powder you won't have to worry about this!


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