4 Tips To Launch Your Spray Tan Business Efficiently

Quatre trucs pour lancer son entreprise de spray tan efficacement
The business world can be scary, you have so many things to worry about and there are many things to think about. What will I offer? Where will I offer my services? At which price? How to promote my business and where? What can make me stand out? To begin you have to start with you, your business is all about you. As clients, we want to identify the people we see, to the place we go; thus you need to do your introspection and figure out what YOU like and what YOU prefer. 

If you are here you know that you want to offer Esthetics service, more precisely at least Spray Tan services. Spray Tan is the new sun! The industry has grown so much in the last few years and it is the best alternative for sun exposure. Well, let’s get to it!


Considering the Spray Tan business, would you prefer to be mobile and or would you be more open to having a space. Both are great options, some clients prefer you to come to them, others prefer to go where you are; make sure that you feel comfortable with what you are offering. Setting up in a client’s home can be tricky as you never know what can happen and it can get out of control, having your space can make you feel more in control of everything. Also, make sure you think about the future, would you like your business to grow and have employees or associates offering either the same service as you or a complement to yours. The place will also determine if you want to do that full time or part time, if you need to pay for a space for a part time business evaluate the cost to make sure you make profit. 


What would you like to offer? Spray Tan business is one thing, would it be good to offer more and what could that be? If you already have other certifications, there you go; offer multiple services either mobile or in house. You can offer products as well to offer everything a client needs to prepare and maintain their result. Offering products to complete your service is good as your clients are more inclined to come back to either buy the products they love and be loyal to you. That can guarantee you clients and maintain your business. The products you sell or offer can open multiple possibilities such as promotion, loyalty program, branding, longevity, space, training, traveling, etc. Make sure that you like what you offer, otherwise, you will not like your business and surely it will not be lucrative.

Offering Nuda’s Spray Tanning products can be very good as we offer all you need for your services from equipment, accessories to products. And we offer a complete line of Skincare products to retail (fill your request form here) as well as a complete training for you either online or in-class


The appearance of your business is very important, and we have to say it is part of the key to your success. Your branding is your identity, people will identify to it and make your business grow. It will start with colors, a logo, a slogan, a theme, a tone, a mission and will become so much more. The first step would be to identify your mission statement, what do you want to promote and why? Then you may continue slowly, what color do I prefer, what can be my logo and my name? The name will be the most difficult thing; choose something easy to remember and something that means something to you. Make sure you check to not copy another name! You may inspire yourself, but being original and different is always good (without being too much). Your brand is one of the most important things for your business, it will stay with you as long as your business is operating, and maybe even after that.


As we are surrounded by the internet, social media, and the world wide web, it is crucial to understand that the future is with digital marketing. Once your branding is evaluated and you have defined all you need to start advertising; you will be able to search for a website holder like Wordpress, Sparespace, Wix, etc. and create your own website. It is always possible if you are doing only mobile services to not create a website and invest only in Social Media! 

Social Media is a must for your business, only a small portion of the population do not use them and they are an easy way to promote your business. We try to separate Facebook and Instagram which are directed to different clientele depending on who you want to direct your business too. Do not forget that you can also use TikTok, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest! There are endless possibilities. Always make sure you follow Trends and may your content be viral! Make sure to check out our Marketing Training for more information to promote your business!

Hopefully, I have said it enough, but your business starts with you, and you will attract clients that most likely like the same things as you. Brand your business of what you like, that will keep you passion on and make your business flourish along with you. 

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