Four tips for launching your spray tan business effectively

Four tips for launching your spray tan business effectively

The entrepreneurial world can be daunting, there are so many things to think about in order to get started. What should I offer? Where would I offer my services? At what price should I set my services? How do I promote my business? What can I do to stand out?

The start of a business starts with you! Think about it, as a customer you will identify with the people you see, people who look like you. So the very first step is to do an introspection of yourself and find what YOU love the most.

If you read us, we understand that you will be offering services in the field of aesthetics or specifically airbrush tanning. Spray Tan is the new trend! The self-tanning industry has been booming for the past few years and it is THE best alternative to sun exposure. Let's get started!

1. Have a place

For a Spray Tan business, would you prefer to offer your services from home or have a local? Both options are possible and both have their positive point; some clients prefer to come to you while others prefer to welcome you to their home. Make sure you choose an option that's right for you and that you're comfortable with the service you offer. Traveling to clients can sometimes be more difficult, since you don't have complete control of your environment; having a dedicated space where you are comfortable and in control of any unforeseen situation is very beneficial. Also, be sure to also think about the future of your business, do you want your business to grow, do you plan to hire employees, offer more services. The location will also determine if you work full time or part time, if you have to pay a local, better offer a full time service to ensure a profit.

2. Know what you want to offer

What would you like to offer? Offering the Spray Tan service is one thing, would you like to offer more than one service? If you already have other training, why not? Offering products to complement your service offering can also be an option, which can guarantee you loyal customers and keep your business going. The products you offer can open up several opportunities such as promotion, loyalty programs, brand strategy, your local, training, etc. Make sure you like what you offer, otherwise you won't like putting time into your business and you won't be successful.

Offering the Spray Tan NUDA is perfect for a start-up business, we offer everything you need in one place to make it easy for you. You can also request to offer our resale products (request it here ) in addition to offering you a complete training available online or in class .

Starting Your Spray Tan Business | NUDA

3. Define your brand image

Your brand image is, in our opinion, one of the most important things; this is the key to your success! It defines your corporate identity and people identify with your business and will make it flourish. Everything starts with colors, a logo, a slogan, a theme, a tone, a mission and will form a whole. The first step is to establish your mission, what do you want to promote and why? Then you can go more simply, which colors do I prefer? What kind of logo do I like the most and my name? The business name will be the hardest thing to find; choose something that's easy to remember and that means something to you. Make sure you don't take the same name as a competitor! You can take inspiration from companies already founded, but originality always wins. Your brand image is the thing that will stick around the longest and will always follow you.

4. Promote your business

Internet, social media, the web, it is crucial, nowadays, to understand that digital marketing is the thing to prioritize. Once your brand image is well established you can start promoting your services. Creating a website is a very good point to consider, you can search with Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. and create your own website. Rest assured, it is not as essential to create a website as much as your social media.

Social media is a safe bet for promoting a business, only a small part of the population does not use it; it's a simple and free way to offer your services to everyone. Analyze your future clientele and distinguish between social media, each platform is aimed at different clienteles. Don't forget to consider several platforms to have more possibilities of advancement; Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, even Pinterest! Be alert to trends and post daily to go viral. If you want more information, I recommend our training on Digital Marketing !

Ultimately, your business depends on you and reflects your personality, you attract customers who look like you. Show what you love, keep your passion active and your business will be profitable!

Starting Your Spray Tan Business | NUDA

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