Regular or rapid solutions?

Regular or rapid solutions?

As artists, you have to ask yourself for each of your clients what you should use and why! Are there special occasions when I should prioritize regular or rapid solution? Let's talk about it!

We sometimes see that some artists only use rapid solutions while others don't dare to use them since the regular ones seem easier to use. Both are easy to use; it is also better to offer all the options to your customers.

Regular solutions

Let's talk about the beginning; the regular solutions! They develop in 8 to 12 hours, after the development period your clients can rinse off and enjoy their final tan. What may be less valuable is that customers have to keep the solution for so long; no contact with water, avoid physical activities, no cream, no makeup, etc. On a positive note, the same solution will always offer the same result, several shades are also available to allow a perfect complexion for all tastes and all skin tones. Regular solutions are perfect for any special occasion, or for clients who cannot rinse at a specific time of day.

Latte is our palest solution with 6% DHA, it provides a golden complexion especially for very pale skin tones. Moka is our best seller for regular solutions ( and co-founder Mahay's favourite) made with 9% DHA for fair to medium skin tones, it delivers a caramel tan. Espresso (my favorite) contains 12% DHA and is designed for medium to dark skin tones who want a richer tan. Hot Chocolate is our darkest solution, it contains 14% DHA and provides a rich dark tan for dark skin tones. It is also the one we suggest for competition tans. ( Have you noticed our theme? )

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Rapid Solutions

Rapid Solutions are becoming more and more popular since the solution requires a shorter development period and the development period can also be adjusted according to the desired skin tone. The most important thing to know is that the final result of quick fixes is only visible after 24 to 48 hours. This implies that the solution develops faster, but the reaction of amino acids in the skin is slower.

All our quick solutions contain 14% DHA and the result depends on the rinse. For example, clients with a very pale complexion who prefer a paler result can rinse off after 1-2 hours; clients with pale complexions who want a more visible tan can rinse after 3-4 hours; then, clients with a medium to dark complexion who want a more intense tan can rinse off after 5 to 6 hours. Rapid Solutions can be used for special occasions (always apply two days earlier); for customers who want to rinse quickly and especially for people who can rinse after a specific period.

The most versatile solution is Cappuccino , it has a brown solution base and is suitable for all skin tones. Our newest addition Sugar offers the same result as Cappuccino, but without color guide and fragrance. It is ideal for more sensitive skin and for weddings; it's like you didn't apply anything and still have the best tan. If you want to treat a specific skin tone, we offer Milkshake and Coco. Milkshake contains a purple tint to neutralize the yellow tone of the skin and provide a richer result. Coco , our exceptional Coco ( and our co-founder Geneviève's favourite ) is our most hydrating solution since, in addition to being enriched with the same ingredients as the others, it is also made with coconut water. Coco offers an olive tint to neutralize red skin tones to deliver a dark brown tan.

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