Regular VS Rapid Solutions

Solutions régulières ou rapides?
As a Spray Tan Artist you always have to ask you what to use and for whom. For which occasion should I promote rapid or regular solutions? Well, let’s talk about that. 

I sometimes hear some artists only use rapids, because they prefer it; and some others may not be familiar with rapid and only prefer regular, which is easier. Let me tell you, both are perfectly easy to use and it will be most valuable to keep all options available for your clients. 


Let’s start with our regular solutions. Regular solutions will develop within 8 to 12 hours, they are also known as overnight solutions. After the full development period, your client will rinse and have its fully developed tan, that is their main interest. The down point could be that your client has to leave them on for all that time; which can sometimes be challenging depending on the weather or for social life. Up point is that you can never miss them as the same solution will always give the same result and we offer four different shades for every skin tone. They are perfect for special occasions, or for clients that will not be able to rinse during a certain period of time or that want to see the result faster. 

Latte is our lighter solution with 6% DHA, it will give a golden tan to all your fair skin tone clients. Moka is our best-selling regular solution (and our co-founder Mahay favourite) with 9% DHA it fits every fair to medium skin tone and will give a nice brown result. Espresso (my personal favourite) is 12% DHA and will give all medium to dark skin tone a rich brown tan. Hot Chocolate which is 14% DHA, our darkest regular solution, will allow medium to dark skin tones to have a very rich dark brown tan. It is also the one suggested for competition tan. (Have you noticed our names theme already?)


Rapid solutions are growing in popularity a lot as you do not have to leave the solutions for as long as the regular ones for it to develop. But it is mandatory to know rapids will only leave the final results 24 to 48 hours after the first rinse. Which means, they take less time to develop, but more time to react with the amino acids and be noticeable on the skin. All the rapids contain 14% DHA each, the result will depend on when you suggest your client to rinse. For example, clients with fair skin or that prefer lighter result can rinse after 1 to 2 hours; clients with pale skin or prefer a noticeable tan, but not too intense can rinse after 2 to 3 hours; clients with medium tone skin or that wants a noticeable tan can rinse after 3 to 4 hours; and clients with dark skin or that prefer a rich dark tan can rinse after 5 to 6 hours. Rapid can be used for special occasions (spray two-days prior), clients that do not like the solution’s feeling on their skin and most of all can rinse in a timely manner.

The most versatile and most popular is Cappuccino, a brown base solution that fits every skin tone. Our newest addition to our range is Sugar, Sugar is the new Cappuccino as it will allow the same result without any bronzer and is fragrance free. That solution is game changing for sensitive skin, clients that can react to bronzer or fragrance, it makes you feel as if you have nothing on and gives you the perfect glow. Both Milkshake and Coco are made especially for specific skin types. Milkshake contains a purple tint in the bronzer to neutralize the yellow in the skin and give a rich brown result. Our last one, but not the least (and our co-founder Geneviève’s favourite) Coco! Coco is our deluxe solution as it contains all the other beneficial ingredients and it is also enriched with coconut water for more hydration. We also created Coco for a specific skin tone, as it contains a green olive tint it will neutralize the red undertones for a rich dark brown tan. 

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