GRWM Terry Headband - Pack of 5

Elevate your sunless routine with our new GRWM Terry Headband. Designed for ultimate convenience and comfort, this headband is your perfect companion for keeping those stubborn hairs out of your way while you get ready. Whether you're applying self-tanner, doing your skincare routine, or simply prepping for the day, our headband ensures a hassle-free experience.


Transform your getting-ready routine with the GRWM Terry Headband. Embrace a smoother, more enjoyable sunless experience today!

  • Made from high-quality terry cloth, it’s gentle against your skin and absorbs excess moisture of product, while protecting your hair from moisture.
  • Provides a snug yet comfortable fit, ensuring the headband stays in place during use.
  • Available in two neutral colors, Chocolate and Caramel, to suit your style preferred style.

How to Use

Simply slide the GRWM Terry Headband over your head, positioning it to keep your hairline clear. Perfect for any beauty routine, it’s a must-have accessory for every skincare enthusiast.

Care Instructions:

Hand wash with gentle soap. Do not put in the washer.

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