Self Tanning Water Mousse - Light to Medium

190 ML / 6.4 OZ

A revolution in the field of self-tanning products is about to make its way into your spa or salon. Get ready to discover an innovative and practical innovation that will dazzle your clients.

We have created a one-of-a-kind self-tanning product. Its innovative formula reveals a natural radiance and even tone, giving the skin a sun-kissed appearance without the harmful effects of UV rays.

Be amazed by its lightweight texture and one of the healthiest formulas on the market, seamlessly blending into the skin for flawless tanning. Your clients will be won over by the ease of use and stunning results of this product.

The exclusive pre-sale of this highly anticipated breakthrough is now open, offering you the opportunity to add it to your beauty arsenal ahead of everyone else. Be among the first to offer this revolutionary self-tanning product to your clients and amaze them with a radiant complexion.

Are you ready to usher in a new era of beauty in your spa or salon? Don't miss out on this opportunity to pre-order this essential beauty industry gem. The future of self-tanning is within reach.

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