Online Contouring Training

Unlock the Art of Contouring Spray Tan with Our Comprehensive 11-Module Online Training!

Are you ready to take your tanning skills to the next level and master the art of contouring spray tans? Look no further! Our 11-module online training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and techniques needed to excel in the world of professional spray tanning contouring. Whether you're a seasoned beauty expert or a budding enthusiast, this course will transform you into a contouring spray tan specialist.

Unlock the potential of contouring spray tanning and become a sought-after expert in this lucrative field. Enroll today and embark on your journey to mastering the art of contouring spray tans!

* This training does not include equipment or products. Check out our spray tan contour gun here!

* Please note that the online training program is non-refundable.

* Access to the platform will be sent to you by email within 48 working hours of your registration.

* Only people registering directly through NUDA will have access to this training platform and will be eligible for official NUDA certification.

* The online training is available anywhere in the world, but please note NUDA only ships products to Canada and the United States at this time.

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What you will learn

  • What is Contouring? 
  • What is the Value of Contouring for Your Business
  • Consultation With Your Client 
  • Choosing the Right Solutions 
  • Equipments and Supplies Needed 
  • The Nuda Contouring Airbrush Applicator
  • Muscles Diagrams 
  • Key Points 
  • The Technique 
  • FAQ and TroubleShooting 
  • Summary and Tips 
  • Exercices
  • Full body contouring step-by-step technique
  • Contouring using a shading technique
  • Contour application for all body types

How does it work

How does it works 

NUDA really has at heart the success of its professionals and the quality of this training program. We want to make sure that you master the knowledge and technique before beginning your activities.

For these reasons, the NUDA certification following your online training will be delivered to you once you’ve:

  • Completed all of the modules and watched all of the videos.
  • Completed the online test.
  • Send a video showing your application technique to our team.

We’ll take the time to give insightful comments, correct your technique and help you improve your application. You can do the training at our own pace and send the video when you want. There’s no time limit to send us your video and get your certification. Once completed, you can send your video to

What you will get

  • Comprehensive and complete training manual.
  • Unlimited access to our online training platform and videos.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • NUDA products and goodies 
  • Hands-on training technique.
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Access to "NUDA TEAM" private Facebook group.
  • Access to NUDA professional shops.
  • Ongoing support.

Frequently asked questions

How did you build the training?

We’ve been working on this new training program since the beginning of the year with one of our master spray tan artists. We’ve been working on the perfect and easiest technique to guide you to achieve the best-looking contouring tan, every time. 

Why did you launch a contouring training? 

Our clients have been requesting this advanced training for a very long time. Nuda is always listening to its clients and on the lookout for the latest and greatest solutions in sunless tanning.

Why do we need the NUDA gun? 

Our team has tried different types of guns on the market (with a compressor, wireless, standard gun and pencil gun). This gun you can often find used by airbrush artists is the easiest for spray tan artists as well. Easy to carry and to work around, you will love the hose-free experience.

Technical Questions

What are the most popular areas for contouring?

The most popular areas for contouring are the face and abdominals. In our contour course, we will teach you how to contour every area of the body. 

What are the biggest challenges of contouring?

The biggest challenge of contouring is assessing the client's body type and adapting your technique. Every client will be different and require a customized contouring experience. We will teach you how to contour all shapes and sizes and how to adapt your technique depending on muscle visibility and bone structure. 

What do you typically charge for contouring?

This will all depend on how comfortable you are contouring, your location and your competitors. We recommend offering different contouring options.

Face Contour $5

Mini Contour $15

Full Body Contour $25

Online Contouring Training
Online Contouring Training

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