Diluting Bronzers with a Clear Solution

Diluting Bronzers with a Clear Solution

Custom spray tans have been one of the bigger trends in the sunless tanning industry in the past couple of years. Of course utilizing a line like Nuda that offers a shade for everyone, not just a one solution fits all - makes a spray tan custom, but today we are talking mixing!

Sometimes a spray tan artist can feel like a scientist, mixing ⅓ Violet with ⅔  Olive to balance out neutral undertones, or any other ratio to get the perfect bronzer shade for their client but today we are going to look at another mixing option that isn’t as popular. 

Nuda offers a clear rapid solution; Sugar, which allows clients to have a spray tan without that initial bronzer. This is a great option for brides who are worried about bronzers staining their skin and rubbing off on their white dresses. Sugar is also a great option for those with sensitive skin as there are no cosmetic dyes, alcohol or fragrances in it. It’s also great for those with dehydrated skin as there is no bronzer to cling to drier areas and those with sunspots for that same reason. 

Sugar can be an excellent tool for customizing bronzers as well. For example, if a client is very fair and would benefit from an olive base like Coco, they might not completely love the intensity of the initial bronzer. In this case, you could dilute some of the bronzer using Sugar. The ratio could simply be up to you depending on how fair the client is or how dark they want to look right away. 

Of course, this does not affect the final tan as they are both the same percent of DHA but the tan might look a little lighter the first couple of days when using this mix, as opposed to just using Coco as the bronzer is darker and can stain the skin for a couple of days. This could be great for someone who has an event the very next day and doesn't want to look too intense, but still wants a little bit of that bronzer to help suit their skin tone. 

A clear solution doesn’t have to be scary or boring! There are so many options for you to utilize it in your spray tans every day that will allow you to stand out and offer the most customizable spray tans!


This blog post was written by our master spray tan artist and trainer Natasha Lawless. Natasha has been in the industry for over 5 years.

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