Our Ambassadors

At Nuda, we believe in excellence through collaboration. That's why we have selected the finest professionals in the spray tan industry to enhance individual expertise but also to contribute to the broader education within our community. Our ambassadors are not just experts in their field; they are passionate advocates for quality and innovation who do not only embody the artistry of spray tanning but also personify the essence of our brand's commitment to excellence.

Ally Bishop


Ally Bishop

I am a coco girl through and through. Love the richness of the color!!

Nothing is more fulfilling then building lifelong connections & making a client feel like the best version of themselves.

Always be honest about potential risks of prep & maintenance mistakes to show the client you care about their result.

Like a pretty island princess & that I could conquer the world!

April 17, 2024

Maureen Bucha


Maureen Bucha

Milkshake is my absolute favorite! I am obsessed with the violet undertone and the stunning tan it processes into.

My favorite part of spray tanning the immediate mood AND confidence boost it gives my clients. I love seeing their reaction to being tan which amplifies their excitement for their event.

Exfoliation is my best tanning tip. In order to create a flawless tan that lasts, preparation is key!

A fresh spray tan is my absolute favorite. I feel like the best, most confident version of myself!

April 17, 2024

Sara Marie


Sara Marie

My favorite NUDA solution would definitely be COCO, as most of my clients are from Florida a lot of them have red undertones, and COCO really helps tone those down for the perfect bronze. I also really love to mix COCO + Cappuccino when clients have just a slight bit of red undertones.

I love spray tanning because I feel like it's an immediate confidence boost. No other beauty service can make me feel as good as a fresh spray tan does.

My best tanning tip is to exfoliate the night before for a perfect canvas for a spray tan, I can tell on every client who I spray who follows the prep instructions. The tan just lays flawlessly when the skin is prepped.

I feel like a new woman when I have a fresh spray tan, I truly wake up and feel like I can take on the world.

March 17, 2024

Natasha Lawless


Natasha Lawless

Espresso, it was the first one I’ve ever tried it it’s been my favourite ever since! It’s the perfect bronze for my medium complexion, it just looks so natural and perfect everytime!

I'm obsessed with the feeling I get after a tan so seeing others experience it, getting that instant confidence boost is so much fun! It’s such a rewarding career!

Spraying nice and light with multiple coats to avoid over saturation!

How do you feel when you have a fresh spray tan - I feel like my most confident self when I have a tan! I’m ready to rock any outfit, and show some skin!

April 27, 2024

Denise J. Huerta


Denise J. Huerta

Cappuccino, it’s so versatile

Spray tanning is a passion of mine because it swiftly boosts confidence while ensuring a safe tan. Additionally, it's an avenue for me to empower younger girls with essential skin caution knowledge, promoting healthier choices.

For top-notch tanning results, I highly recommend maintaining constant hydration and moisture levels, even on non-spray tan days. Consistent exfoliation is an absolute must, always!

Like a new person :)

March 23, 2024

Nikkie Myall


Nikkie Myall

Coco is truly a game-changer when it comes to spray tan solutions. Its green base works wonders for those with red undertones, providing a flawless and natural-looking tan. And the versatility doesn't stop there! Mixing Coco with Milkshake creates the perfect blend for individuals with light pink undertones mixed with yellows. It's amazing how Nuda's solutions cater to different skin tones and allow for customized tanning experiences.

Spray tanning is more than just a beauty treatment – it's about empowering others to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Whether it's rocking your everyday jeans or shining at a special event, a spray tan can give that extra boost of confidence.

Invest in high quality tanning safe products to help elongate the life of your spray tan.

Nothing compares to the feeling of confidence and sexiness that comes with a fresh spray tan. With a golden glow, you feel like you are ready to conquer the world! You are unstoppable!

Los Angeles
March 23, 2024

Amanda Furelli


Amanda Furelli

Milkshake! It looks amazing on my olive skin tone. I also love using it on those very yellow/ brassy skin tones. It’s my go to!

I love spray tanning because it gives you instant confidence. I also love how it is a safer alternative to baking in the sun or using tanning beds. I feel like spray tanning has interrupted the tanning market, and eventually be apart of everyone’s beauty routine.

My best tanning tip is to regularly exfoliate. It should be done whether you get a tan or not. It should also be done more than a few times leading up to your tan, and something that should be apart of your skin care routine forever. It makes a world of difference.

I feel my absolute best! After I gave birth I felt extremely insecure. The only thing that would help is getting either spray tanned or using my face spray! I would just look in the mirror and instantly feel better that I was tanned.

March 16, 2024

Kristen Laura Poticher


Kristen Laura Poticher

My favorite solution has to be Sugar! Brides absolutely love the result and I love the skill it takes to apply it evenly without any guidelines.

I love spray tanning because it gives women the confidence that they fully deserve. Receiving the “i’m in love” follow up texts after it’s developed - literally nothing better!

My best tanning tip is to plan your day. Make sure you leave enough time between your rinse and full development to just relax in your tan. I’d hate to see your results being altered due to having a booked calendar immediately after!

With a fresh spray tan, I am truly capable of anything! It gives me a little extra confidence to not only be productive but I start out each day with an even more positive mindset. I’m a big advocate of look good feel good, being a mom who’s always on the go!

New York
March 16, 2024

Mariela Simonetta


Mariela Simonetta

I love Moka because it looks great on any skin tone. It gives such a natural looking glow and I love that I can also mix it with any of the other originals, so I can custom make the perfect DHA % that suits my skin tone in the summer (when I want to be darker) vs in the winter where I use it alone.

I love spray tanning because I am able to give my clients beautiful natural looking tans that are completely safe without the risk of any skin damage which is priceless in my eyes. I also love that spray tans boost their confidence and makes them feel more attractive, hides imperfections and enhances their features. It’s quick, simple and the results are always happy clients with beautiful glowing skin.

My best tanning tip is to always use a blending brush and a self tanning mitt together. You are able to blend out areas that are hard to reach and hard to tan (like hands, wrists and feet) without saturating the clients skin. If a client chooses to wear bottoms or a top, I’ll always go in after and buff out the lines so they’re not as harsh and stark looking once the tan develops. I also love to use a tanning mitt to gently pat the skin to give a flawless finish (like the smile lines) so it blends seamlessly with their legs.

When I have a fresh spray tan I feel confident and healthy! My clothes and makeup just look 10x better

March 22, 2024

Robyn E. Moffatt


Robyn E. Moffatt

My favourite Nuda solution is Milkshake. Although I’m not olive skin, I do have yellow undertones. I like to achieve a dark tan and the violet base allows me to push my depth to a darker range without looking over processed.

The best part of spray tanning for me is watching the confidence of a client shift when they see their final result. Getting to meet so many different people all with a goal of feeling better in their skin makes this business the best!

Know your undertones. When a client wants to achieve a lot of depth, but doesn’t tan naturally in the sun as dark as they’d like their result, knowing what neutralizers to use in your solution will allow them to achieve a stunning depth without looking over processed.

A fresh spray tan makes me feel more confident in my skin.

April 07, 2024

Billie Bullinger


Billie Bullinger

Milkshake and caramel! I have a more olive complexion so the violet bronzer in milkshake compliments my skin tone perfectly. Caramel has hyaluronic acid that has been a game changer in keeping my tan hydrated longer.

I love the confidence a fresh tan gives you. It’s the ultimate pick me up when you’re feeling down about yourself. I love promoting safe skin and being able to tell all my clients about the skin loving benefits in NUDA solutions. I love the messages I get from women telling me how good I made them feel.

Don’t come to your spray tan appointment fresh out of the shower! Any shampoo/conditioner and soap residue can affect the outcome of your tan. Your pores also need time to close before being sprayed. Show up to your appointment with skin free of any soap, makeup, lotion, deodorant or perfume.

Like a ten. The confident boost a self tan gives me is unmatched.

March 09, 2024

Lisa Basta


Lisa Basta

I can’t just pick one! I absolutely love love love Moka and Milkshake. Moka is my go-to for my clients of all skin types. It is the perfect shade for that subtle yet bronzy look. Milkshake is my favorite for my clients (and myself) because of the deep tan it gives you. Nothing makes you feel like you just came back from the tropics like Milkshake does.

I started spray tanning 13 years ago just as a side gig. It quickly became such huge part of my life. I love spray tanning because of the confidence and excitement it gives the client. Spray tanning is such an underrated beauty service and I love that I am part of the huge growth I’ve seen from this service in the last 10 years.

Don’t skip the tan! I believe that getting a spray tan before any event or vacation is key to making everything better. Just like you have to schedule hair, makeup, nails etc..sprays tans are at the top of that list. I promise it makes all those other things look so much better! Also, please prep your skin properly..we know when you don’t exfoliate ;)

Spray tans make me feel refreshed, they make me feel alive. After a spray tan I feel like I’m physically and mentally lighter. Being tan has the most positive effect on anyones mood and is an instant confidence boost. Let’s be honest, spray tans make you feel sexy, period.

April 14, 2024

Britney Francoeur


Britney Francoeur

I absolutely love Cappucino Rapid Solution!

I love spray tanning because I love how women feel more confident, beautiful and uplifted when they leave my salon. It's more than an appearance thing for me !

Prep your skin before (obviously) AND wash your hands a little before you wash your body ! Don't forget to hydrate your skin after your tan - always.

Oh spray tan for me is my NO.1 go-to whenever I feel sad or not confident. My « bestie » advice for you is to get a spray tan every two weeks - thank me later !

March 03, 2024

Camille Dandurand


Camille Dandurand


I love spray tanning because it gives a sense of confidence to our clients. The spraytan gives them a glowing look, which makes them feel more confident and happy with their appearance at their special event.

The most important thing before a spray tan is to shave and exfoliate your skin. Also, if you're not sure about the color result that you choose, there's plenty others that you can try. Sure there's one that fits you perfectly!

I feel that I have a more hydrated skin and healthy look when I do my spray tan. I also really like Nuda because it provides a natural-looking tan. That's why I do my spray tan before every vacation getaway or before every special event.

February 11, 2024

Gina Maria Roppo


Gina Maria Roppo

Hot Chocolate

I love spray tanning for it simply being the safest alternative to achieving a deep dark tan. I love how it’s completely customizable and different for each and every individual!

Leave your tan alone for the first 24 hours post rinse! I find taking your first normal shower (using any product on the skin in the water) after waiting the full 24 hours for your tan to come to life. Your spray tan should last longer!

I feel like my absolute best self when I have a spray tan. Every outfit I put on, the makeup I will do, my mood, instantly all 10x better once I have a spray tan.

April 28, 2024

Kiera Boudreau


Kiera Boudreau

coco, a rapid solution ideal for busy clients who want to be able to shower earlier. A solution that is suitable for all skin types since the intensity of the shade is obtained depending on when the client and artist chooses together when is the best rinse time for their desired outcome. It has a unique smell and a beautiful deep-olive tone.

As a professional in the spray tan industry, my passion for spray tanning stems from its ability to empower individuals and enhance their confidence. Its incredibly rewarding to witness the immediate boost in self-esteem that clients experience after a session with me. Additionally, the artistry involved in achieving a natural, sun-kissed glow through spray tanning is something I find deeply fulfilling. I take pride in helping clients achieve their desired look while prioritizing their skin’s health and safety with products I truly trust.

One of the most crucial aspects of achieving a flawless spraytan is preparation. Prepping the skin properly before a session is key to obtaining optimal results. My best tanning tip is to exfoliate the skin thoroughly beforehand to remove dead skin cells and ensure an even application. Additionally, it is essential to moisturize frequently especially dry areas such as elbows, knees and ankles to prevent the tan from clinging excessively to those dryer areas. Lastly, wearing loose fitting clothing from your appointment and post tan while avoiding contact with water or sweat for the recommended setting time to allow the tan to develop evenly and last longest.

As a professional in the spray tan industry and a frequent spray tanner, experiencing a fresh tan brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Witnessing the transformation and immediate boost in confidence in clients and in myself is incredible fulfilling. Keeping skin safe and hydrated with NUDA products and out of harmful UV rays is personally important to me and my medical history. Working with many body types and skin types while offering products that I trust for my own skin and the skin of my precious clients, friends and family members, with many options in luxury colours and shades as well as many additives and techniques to make each spray tan unique and custom to every individual person and everyBODY. Feeling refreshed and revitalized post-spray tan is a common sentiment among clients and myself, contributing to a positive and uplifting experience that I aim to deliver consistently in my professional practise.

Fort McMurray
March 23, 2024

Sequoia Leopold


Sequoia Leopold

My favorite solution is Coco, because I have a slight pink undertone and it gives me a beautiful bronze golden color that isn't too warm. I also love the scent!

I love seeing clients so amazed when it truly looks natural. This can be an intimidating experience to be that 'naked' in front of someone you might not know with all your perceived flaws and insecurities. It is an incredible feeling to make someone feel safe and comfortable in the environment.

Use a dime size drop of Nuda Body Lotion to massage into the hands and feet after applying any sunless tanning product. It will blend the tan beautifully in between fingers and toes, knuckles, and where the skin changes texture around your palm and sole of your feet.

I feel like I could wear anything in my wardrobe and look flawless.

April 07, 2024