Glowing into the Holidays How to Prep Your Spray Tan Business for the Festive Season!

Glowing into the Holidays  How to Prep Your Spray Tan Business for the Festive Season!

The Holiday season is approaching faster than Santa's sleigh, and as a savvy business owner, now's the time to gear up for a successful holiday season. Preparing your spray tan business for the festivities is all about blending marketing, promotions, retail, and a dash of operational magic to ensure it's a successful season for your business. So, let's unwrap the secrets to getting your business holiday-ready!

  1. Holiday-Themed Promotions:

Entice your clients with holiday-themed promotions, such as "Festive Glow Special" or a "Holiday Party Prep Package." Want to kick it up a notch? How about a "12 Days of Christmas" promo? Unveil a new deal every day for 12 days – it keeps your clients on their toes, eagerly awaiting the next promotional surprise!

  1. Gift Cards and Gift Sets:

Gift-giving is a core part of the holiday spirit. Offer stylish gift cards that can easily be designed in applications like Canva. You can also create fabulous gift sets and bundles featuring spray tan sessions, aftercare products, and other beauty goodies. Wrap them up all pretty and encourage your clients to nudge their loved ones to grab these glowing gifts!

If you are a Nuda Retailer the new Holiday Bronzed Glow Set Set is a perfect bundle to be stocked with this season. With our best selling Face Tan Water in original and the Dark Self-Tanning Mousse, along with the Application Glove, this bundle makes gift giving so easy! 

  1. Decor and Atmosphere:

Transform your salon or studio into a winter wonderland with holiday decorations and festive tunes. Don't forget the hot cocoa, cider, or cookies to keep spirits high! An inviting atmosphere means more than just cute decorations; it's a magnet for client selfies and social media posts – free advertising at its best!

  1. Social Media and Email Marketing:

Santa's got his list; you've got your social media and email game! Spruce up your online presence with holiday-themed graphics, promotions, and stunning before-and-after photos. Scheduled posts and paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram will ensure your message reaches a bigger audience.

  1. Retail Sales:

Stock your shelves with goodies your clients love – Face Tan Water, self-tan mousses, and body shimmers. With the holidays in mind, don't forget the newest star of your retail collection, the Bronzing Glow Drops. It's the perfect accessory to light up the season.

  1. Client Appreciation Events:

Roll out the red carpet for your clients! Host a client appreciation event celebrating your clients. Discounts, refreshments, and exclusive previews of your holiday offerings are a great way to spread the holiday cheer. Partnering with fellow beauty businesses for mini-workshops and mini-services will boost the fun and your business too.

  1. Mobile and On-Site Services:

Take the tanning show on the road! Consider offering mobile or on-site services for clients hosting holiday gatherings. People love the convenience, and they're willing to pay a little extra for it. Who knows, you could even cozy up with local salons and spas to host staff spray tan parties – a win-win for everyone!

  1. Appointment Availability:

The holiday rush can make even the most organized person's head spin. Extend your hours, offer special time slots, and encourage your clients to book ahead. Let's make sure they secure their preferred times so they can step into the holidays with the perfect glow!

By lighting up your spray tan business with these holiday strategies, you're not only prepped for a joyous season but ready to help your clients shine as well. 'Tis the season to celebrate, sparkle, and glow – so let the festivities begin!