Why choose NUDA solutions?

Why choose NUDA solutions?

Have you ever heard someone switch solutions for NUDA products? We have several professionals, who are very happy to have made the change. But why?

We perfected our solutions for months before launching. Do you also know that NUDA was born from Spray Tan solutions? Eh yes! It all started with Mahay and Geneviève, they wanted to be tanned while avoiding all the harmful effects of sun exposure and UV rays. She never repeats it enough “don't go exposing yourself to the sun and all its consequences; treat yourself to a Spray Tan”. Whether you prefer using regular or quick solutions, NUDA has everything you need!

The basis of a product is the key

Alcohol, oil, water; what should be prioritized? All NUDA solutions are water-based, which, in our humble opinion, is the best option for spray tan solutions. First, alcohol makes the skin drier and can also make your tan harder to maintain for long without moisturizing and lots of cream. For oily skin types, it's perfect; alcohol dries faster and ensures complete drying without greasy residue on the skin during development. Second, oil-based products are very hydrating, and don't cause skin dryness, but for some skin types oil can harm acne-prone skin; and will harm eyelash extensions. It is also more difficult to clean stains from fabrics when the product is alcohol or oil based. Finally, water constitutes 65% of our body, it does not dry the skin, does not make it oily and does not leave any sticky impression on the skin. Water-based solutions are also much easier to clean off fabrics.

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Enriched with skin-friendly ingredients

All of our solutions are made exclusively from natural ingredients or ingredients of natural origin. We take this commitment to heart while enriching our products with skin-friendly ingredients. Why would you want to apply something to your skin that is not healthy; even less on the skin of your customers, right? The NUDA collection contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E, aloe, coconut oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil, elderflower and green tea and white tea extract. All this creates a unique formula that prevents the signs of aging, provides complete hydration, stimulates circulation, protects the skin from free radicals and much more. Also, our Latte , Moka , Espresso , Hot Chocolate , Cappuccino and Milkshake solutions smell like fresh cucumber; Coco smells like coconut and Sugar is fragrance-free (perfect for sensitive skin).

Regular or rapid solutions

Still not convinced? We offer 8 different solutions to allow you to offer all your clients the perfect complexion, we offer regular solutions and rapid solutions.
Regular solutions provide a collection for all skin tones that develops in 8-13 hours; rapid solutions offer a different development time and development time can be adjusted according to the client's desired skin tone. For example, you can leave developing for one to two hours for a light skin tone, three to four hours for a medium skin tone, and five to six hours for a dark skin tone. It is important to note that rapid solutions do not mean quick results, the complexion will continue to tan for 24 to 48 hours after application.

Our regular solutions include Latte (6% DHA), Moka (9% DHA), Espresso (12% DHA) and Hot Chocolate (14% DHA).

Our rapid solutions include Cappuccino (brown base), Milkshake (purple base), Coco (olive base) and Sugar (clear).

But what are you waiting for? Try them! Assured crush!

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