Things you might be forgetting to ask your clients

Things you might be forgetting to ask your clients

As spray tan artists, we know more than anybody how important the prep and post care is before and after a spray tan. We do what we can and send our clients the before and after tips, but sometimes there's just some things that don’t make the master list but are still important to ask at the time of the appointment to ensure flawless results and longevity! We're here to spill the secrets and share the unspoken truths that your clients might be forgetting before and after their spray tan appointment.

Your clients might know the importance of exfoliating, but it's equally vital to ask them HOW they exfoliated. A quick loofah session might not cut it, and a sugar scrub with oil the night before? That can lead to issues. Knowing this beforehand allows you to address potential challenges and ensure a smooth tan application.

Don't assume that all skincare is created equal. Ask if your clients have used harsh exfoliating products like retinol or glycolic acid recently. These can result in a patchy result on the face as the skin cells haven't had a chance to rebuild. When in doubt, skip the face to avoid potential complications or spray a light coat! Tell your client that the result may fade faster on the face and recommend a Face tanning product to use at home: Suggest loose, long, dark clothing for the appointment. Tight or light-colored clothes immediately after the session can impact the tan's development and might lead to transferring. A lot of the time clients think a loose flowy dress in the summer is the perfect post-tan outfit. When in reality clients can run into a lot of issues from skin on skin contact under the arms and between the legs! Be sure your clients show up wearing the right outfit!

Ensure your clients know to remove makeup, jewelry, and accessories before the spray tan. Don’t assume they left on a necklace on purpose! Sometimes a client might have forgotten the rules and put on deodorant and lotion on that day, always ask before you begin the treatment if they did and offer baby wipes to your client so they can remove any thing! 

During the spray tan application, things can get loud and clients can make quick movements! Before starting be sure to remind them to follow your directions, and to ensure they don’t to put their arms down after you spray them, keep their legs separated and resist the urge to look down at their gorgeous tan (we know it’s hard) as all these can result in dark marks or creasing which can be difficult to correct! 

Remind clients that patience is key after the spray tan. It takes time for the tan to develop fully. Discourage activities that might cause sweating or water exposure until after the first shower. While you are finishing the appointment, take this opportunity to be very thorough about how this development time is important and ask what their plans are for the rest of the day to ensure they are not doing anything that might ruin it, like getting a pedicure or going for a quick hot yoga session!

Stress the importance of regular moisturizing to extend the tan's life. But be sure they are aware of ingredients to avoid, recommend your favourite products to ensure they are using ones that are tan safe! This goes for soap also, no matter how many times a client has come to see you, always remind them to avoid creamy soaps and opt for more of a gel consistency, sulphate free is best! 

For those jetting off for a vacay with a fresh tan, be sure you are telling them all the ways to take care of it while away, otherwise their tan can fade very quickly! Caution against swimming in chlorinated or saltwater pools for the first few days after the spray tan. These can accelerate tan fading. If they choose to go swimming, advise them on rinsing directly after to get the chlorine or saltwater off their skin, and then to moisturize really well! Completely avoid hot tubs or saunas! 

A perfect spray tan is a collaboration between you and your clients. By sharing these essential tips, you're not just ensuring a flawless tan but also empowering your clients to get the most out of their spray tan experience. Make every consultation personal because every spray tan is different! 


This blog post was written by our master spray tan artist and trainer Natasha Lawless. Natasha has been in the industry for over 5 years and is sharing her personal experience with the issue of overspray and her opinions of the wave extraction fan after using it for 3 years.