Contouring Airbrush Applicator

Introducing the Nuda Contouring Applicator – Your Ultimate Tanning Companion!

Elevate Your Tan with Precision and Style

Achieve the perfect sun-kissed glow with the Nuda Contouring Applicator. This innovative beauty tool is designed to revolutionize your tanning experience, ensuring flawless results every time. Crafted with precision and elegance in mind, this applicator from Nuda is here to redefine the way you tan.

Key Features:
  1. Precision Contouring: Achieve sculpted, chiseled perfection with ease. This applicator’s ergonomic design allows for precise application, making it effortless to create contour lines, enhance muscle definition, and highlight your best features. Say goodbye to uneven tans and hello to a flawless finish.
  2. Adjustable Spray Patterns: Customize your tan to your liking. The Nuda Applicator features adjustable spray patterns, allowing you to control the intensity of your application.
  3. Effortless Operation: Thanks to its user-friendly design, the Nuda Contouring Applicator is easy to use for both beginners and experienced tanners. The efficient spray mechanism evenly distributes tanning solution for a streak-free application.
  4. Safe and Hygienic: Its materials are hypoallergenic and non-reactive, and the spray nozzle is designed to minimize overspray, preventing unwanted mess.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the battery charge last?

The battery will last 40 to 60 minutes of continuous use. 

How long does it take to fully charge the device?

The compressor’s battery needs 90 minutes to fully charge.

Can the product be used while it is charging?

No. We do not recommend using it while charging to avoid any danger. 

Is the product heavy?

The applicator is designed to be as light as possible with the compressor attached directly. It is also possible to use the applicator with the hose provided and attach the compressor on your waist. 

What is the recommended method for cleaning the device?

We recommend you clean the applicator with water after each use to remove any build up of solution. The full cleaning should be performed every couple of months depending on usage. Please refer yourself to the User Manual for cleaning instructions. 

Can this product be used on the face?

Yes! In our Contour course, we will teach you how to contour the face using the Contour gun! 

Is it possible to adjust the width of the spray?

You simply go further away or closer to your target to adjust the width. Further away will give you a broader spray pattern, perfect for shading. Then going closer will provide you with a fine, precise spray, perfect for detailed lines. 

Does the product come with a protective case?

The applicator comes in a box with a compartment for each part. Perfect for traveling for Mobile appointments.

How should I store the product when not in use?

Empty the solution out of the cup when finished, and store it with your other supplies. If traveling with the applicator, be sure it is empty and put in a protective case.

Is it possible to do a complete spray tan with the gun, or is it only for contour use?

This applicator is only for contour use, shading areas and filling in tan lines. We still always recommend using a Fuji machine to complete a spray tan application. 

How does the product work if it does not have a compressor?

The compressor is built into the unit. Pressing the on button will turn on the compressor and pulling the trigger will activate the spray.

What technology does the product use for its operation?

The contour gun is wireless, it needs to be charged with the USB cord it comes with. 

What is the warranty on the gun?

Nuda is offering a 1 year warranty on the contouring gun.

Do you need the NUDA gun?

Our team has tried different types of guns on the market (with a compressor, wireless, standard gun and pencil gun). This gun can be often used by airbrush artists and is the easiest for spray tan artists as well. Easy to carry and to work around, you will love the hose-free experience.

Contouring Airbrush Applicator
Contouring Airbrush Applicator
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